Cebu City – Day 1

Even though we didn’t set an alarm, I woke up just 3 hours after falling asleep at the B&B thanks to jetlag. After a quick brunch, we headed out via taxi to the Jumalon Butterfly Santuary, a small, family owned museum dedicated to butterflies.Butterfly1No one else was there when we arrived, which is such a shame because this place made our entire trip worth it. It didn’t look like much from the outside. The small gardens were full of various “stations” where you could learn about and observe butterflies and their various life cycles. There was nothing unusual about it.Butterfly2The best part was when we finished touring the grounds and our guide brought us inside and told us his father’s story. Julian N. Jumalon was an artist and butterfly lover, who basically devoted his life to studying and collecting butterflies. Even though he never got advanced degrees in entomology, he was highly respected by others in his field. His collection included thousands of butterflies, some of which have gone extinct. There were shelves and shelves of shadow boxes full of butterflies from all over the world.Butterfly3After this, we took a jeepney to Ayala Mall, one out of two of Cebu’s giant malls to do a little shopping before dinner. Jeepneys are like mini buses with the two end stops emblazoned in big letter on the side.JeepneyWhen you see the one you want to ride, you literally just run to the back and jump in. Payment is on honor system – you just pass your coins up to the driver before you jump off. This is the inside.
JeepneyinsideAfter the mall we set out in a taxi to track down a restaurant that makes amazing Lechon. I had read a recommendation about this place somewhere, but when we got there, we were told that they only sell whole roasted pigs. Oops. We asked the taxi driver for a food recommendation and he dropped us off at a nearby outdoor diner where we hade something that looked like yam leaf and roasted squid.Squid Then, it was back to the B&B, where I immediately fell sound asleep. Alex has a nice video of me snoring to prove it.


2 thoughts on “Cebu City – Day 1

  1. haha, proof that you snore! I knew this. You would have woken up right away if I ever tried to get close enough for a recording.

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