Cebu City – Day 2

On day 2, we woke up in time for complimentary breakfast at the B&B at their veranda restaurant. Breakfasts in the Philippines seem to consist of garlic rice with a some type of cured meat, fish, and/or eggs- a little different, but still good!Cebu2-1Then, we wandered a little bit to exchange money and figure out what we wanted to do during the first half of the day. Eventually we hoped on a jeepney to go to Carbon Market, a gigantic outdoor market. It was hot, sunny and the road smelled like exhaust the whole time. This was not a fun commute.Carbon MarketThe actual market was huge with different areas for selling, fruit, vegetables, flowers, mechanical parts, etc.All the of it was outdoors except for the areas dealing with meats and fish.Carbon Market3When we reached the back of the market, we came across an entryway (not pictured below). Behind it were closely placed shacks held up on sticks over the river. Alex asked me if I wanted to go in and I said, “Sure!” But then, we walked in and I realized that it was a neighborhood and not part of the market. While there were plenty of people dressed and walking around the city like anyone you’d see on the street back home, this little district was essentially a slum. The “streets” between the “buildings” were barely wide enough for three people to walk down side to side. It was dark, dirty, and there were children running around undressed. I immediately started feeling uncomfortable – the people there should not have to be gawked at by a tourist like a sideshow. Needless to say we left and made our way slowly back to the B&B.Carbon Market2Once we got back, we packed our stuff and headed out. We made a quick stop at a Zubuchon (a chain restaurant that specializes in Lechon) to pick up some takeout and headed in a taxi to Tops, the highest point in the Busay district overlooking the city.ZubuchonAfter a long drive up the hill in Busay, we arrived at Tops where we ate dinner and watched the sunset. Originally, I had wanted to go ziplining at a zipline park a little bit downhill from tops, but we couldn’t really do that with our luggage. However, we had made an arrangement with the beach resort we were heading to later that night to send a car to pick us up. We had asked them to pick us up from the zipline park, so after resting for a bit, we headed down the hill once again in the dark with luggage while random strangers on motorcycles zoomed by. Oops again.TopsI fell asleep on the drive to the resort (2-3 hours) and when we arrived, it kind of felt like a fairytale setting. The ground was soft like mossy grass and there were little lights on the ground as if there were mushrooms lit up like lamps (there were no actual mushrooms, just lights). It was humid and silent except for the sounds of the ocean, and bugs (essentially not silent at all). It all felt very surreal. I was also still very sleepy which might have had something to do with it. Once we settled in and had the snack they gave us, I immediately fell asleep again. It was too dark to take pictures, but a video of Tops is below (great place for an outdoor party):


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