Alona Beach – Day 1

Exhaustion caused us to not get up until the very last hour before they stopped serving breakfast. We still got there late, but since we were the only guests in the whole place (spring break had ended for most people), this was no problem. Check out this awesome breakfast! Mangos!alona breakfastalona verandaAfter eating, we walked around to explore the resort grounds. The place wasn’t very big, but it had the most gorgeous views of the ocean I had ever seen (I’ve only ever seen the Pacific somewhere between SF and LA and murky views of the Atlantic from the shores of NYC before this).
alona beach 1The resort grounds were dotted with breezy huts, chairs, and hammocks of various sizes all facing the ocean- very relaxing.alona beach 2alona beach 3 Then, we headed back to the building (lodge?) and picked up some snorkel equipment and we hit the beach. Unfortunately, this was more of an ocean-side resort (as in next to the ocean) and not really a beach beach resort. The area between these two trees (about the size of a large dining room table) was the only sandy segment along the shoreline. alona beach 4The rest of the shore pretty much looked like this.alona beach 5Pretty, but not what I’d call inviting. I’m not much of a beach/outdoor person, so I didn’t mind. We spent the next three hours with our faces in the water looking at the sealife. I can’t actually swim, so I couldn’t go very far from the shore. I mostly saw grassy plants and schools of silverfish, but I did see one tiny blue fish and I think a puffer fish (might be making the puffer fish up. This trip was awhile ago.).alona beach 6Since Alex can swim, he went ahead of me a lot of the time, but he always knew where I was. All he had to do was look for the pink dot in the ocean. Apparently, I “swim” (I paddled around for a few minutes at a time thanks to my snorkel tube. I just don’t think my body wants to float.) with my butt sticking out of the water. Good to know?alonadinnerAfter about 3 hours, we ordered dinner and ate outside while we watched the sunset.alonasunsetWe stayed outside until it was dark. I was still exhausted, so I fell asleep pretty early while we watched a movie in our room later that night.


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