Ngong Ping 360

Hello out there! It’s been nearly three months since my last post. I’m not going to go into the details of what distracted me. What’s important is I’m back and ready finish writing about this trip I took more than 6 months ago (and the trips I’ve taken since then). Yay?

The next stop on my Hong Kong itinerary was Ngong Ping 360, which is just a fancy name for a bunch of tourist attractions on Lantau Island, a small island off the western coast of Kowloon. However, we couldn’t resist a quick ride on the Disney themed MTR first. Hong Kong Disneyland is also on the island and there’s a special train with Mickey shaped windows and handles, special plush seating, and statuettes of popular characters all throughout the train.ngongping1There are many ways to get to this island including the aforementioned MTR, ferry (not for those who experience motion sickness!), and cable car. Fun fact à la Ted Mosby: If you look closely towards the right of the photo, you can see a yellowish path running under the cable cars. This path was originally created for the purpose of repairing the cable system. However, as evidenced by the amount of people I saw walking along it, it is also used as a hiking trail.ngongping4 The cable car drops everyone off in Ngong Ping Village, which is a long street full of shops for tourists. Some of them actually had pretty nice things. Great fun for those of us who like looking at random things!ngongping14 I originally chose to go to Lantau Island because I like visiting the Bid Buddha (literally called 大佛 in Chinese). This is the world’s largest Buddha statue.ngongping5However, I suspect I just like seeing all the cows that wander around here.ngongping13This is also the site of an active temple. We actually shared a cable car with a nun on her way here. As a frequent traveler here, she had a special pass which let her on the cable car.ngongping10Here is a Guan Yin statue surrounded by lotus plants(not currently in bloom)ngongping11and some giant incense. They were taller than me!ngongping8

We actually got here quite late, since we were staying at the other far end of the city. We also had lunch and stopped for snacks before arriving. Which meant we didn’t have time to see any of the other attractions on the island, not even for a vegetarian meal serves by the Buddhist café next to the temple. Priorities.

After seeing 大佛, we rushed back to make the last cable car back down the mountain-total waste of the 360 Sky-Land-Sea passes (passes for cable car, buses, and ferries) we bought. It’s okay though. We still had fun (cows!) and we even managed to get on one of the crystal cable cars with see through bottom(not actually better than a normal cable car, in my opinion).

We finished our night with a quick browse through CityGate Outlet Mall, locate at the other end of the cable car, and some Kobe beef at the food court. This was a fun, cow-filled day.


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