Favorite Links July 2013

Baby SquirrelsBaby animals! (pictured)

If my vacation photos make you want to hop on a plane and fly away you should check out this, this, and this.

Sweden ran out of garbage.

Rebecca has been blogging for six years.

Judith Leiber makes some amazing clutches in her Overture line. I’ve been staring at this one and this one. Black Swan/White Swan?

Awesome DIY forest inspired bookends.

In kindergarten, I had to do a project where I had to glue 100 piece of macaroni to a piece of construction paper. Wendy’s 100th video has 100 outfit.


Favorite links from around the web June 2013

Beautiful photos of Ballet Zaida dancers by Oliver Endahl (above)

DIY gold feather headband – really loving things that look like gold metal in organic shapes. Reminds me of this twig bracelet DIY.

This lady makes amazing food, takes gorgeous photos, and strings words together like a thing of (fantastically hilarious) beauty

Have you even seen a blackhead extracted correctly? This video is kind of fascinating if you haven’t. A bit of warning though, this video is not for the extremely squeamish. It looks really painful, but I totally want to try it. Hogan Wang is kind of awesome.

And finally, this is what happens when you get a nose job.